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Online Guitar Lessons That Will Take You From Total Beginner To A Real Guitar Player

Step-by-step online guitar lessons that show you what you need to do every day to reach your goals, whether it’s playing your favourite songs, jamming with your friends or just having fun. 

I’ll show you the secrets to learning the guitar in a fun and relaxed way, backed-up by my years of teaching 1-to-1 private guitar lessons.

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Guitar Couch Lessons

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Get the basics, set great foundations and get all of your questions answered so that you can stay motivated and get past those tough first weeks of your journey


Get clear on what you need to do each day so that you can get past that beginner phase, see progress and start enjoying playing real music

Going Further

Undertsand your strenghts and weaknesses, move past frustration and get the tools and support you need to raise your guitar playing to reach those new goals



All online guitar lessons are structured so you can progress naturally & in an organised way. I’ll guide you step by step, give you tips along the way and help you grow into a real guitarist. My goal is not to teach you a particular style. My aim is to shape you into a real guitarist who can play whatever you want!


You can participate in regular live sessions which are like having a live one-to-one lesson with me. You'll get plenty of ideas, new concepts and inspiration. All of the live online guitar lessons are recorded and published in the members section so that you can watch them at your leisure.


Master sessions are the most important part of the online guitar lessons. These are where you implement everything you have learned in a fun and exciting way. This is where you will see how far you've come.


The social stream is for you to share your journey, see what others are working on, make friends, have fun and connect with me. This is also where I share fun stuff, tips and get to know my students.


Alongside your online guitar lessons, forum and social stream, you can submit your videos for feedback. Whether you are working on a strumming technique, master session track, guitar lick or something else you can upload your videos and I will respond with a mini video guitar lesson as feedback, explaining what you need to improve and how to improve it by showing you some additional ideas and exercises.

This kind of interaction between us will get you better results and most importantly it will make your online lessons feel personalised.


One of the benefits of this program is that you can ask your questions and get answers anytime. You can also see what others have asked and grw your knowledge.

Q & A

Online guitar lessons cost $15 (US) per month. Once you sign up, payments will be automatically taken on the same day every month.

Yes, you can easily unsubscribe from your account. No need to email or call. It’s very straightforward.

Yes, the payment gateway is secure and stored off of the website on the partner payment provider (such as Paypal or Stripe). We do not store any personal card details on our site.

The subscription gives you access to everything that  Guitar Couch Lessons website has to offer, so there is no need to pay for anything extra.

You can expect high quality, professional lessons based on real knowledge from teaching private students across many years. I understand your frustrations and I know how to deal with them in a safe, patient and encouraging way.

Yes! I’m a real person who loves teaching the guitar and interacting with my students. I visit and work on the website on a daily basis. 

I teach one to one lessons from my studio in London Batterseaa. Please visit this page for more information: – Guitar Lessons In London

Available Modules | Online Guitar Lessons


Main Guitar Courses

These are structured lessons that cover all aspects of guitar learning. It is a holistic approach to the guitar. In these lessons, I will teach you everything you need to know step by step – starting from the basics.


Strumming Secrets Series

This is additional content that can be studied alongside the Main Courses. The goal of this series is to work on and improve your strumming technique.


Master Barre Chords

This series provides knowledge and exercises to help you gain confidence using barre chords.


Fretboard Knowledge

Fretboard logic is a module designed to help you master navigating the guitar neck. This set of skills is essential to express yourself through music freely and easily. It will also help you to locate barre chords, more complex chord shapes and scales.

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Online Guitar Lessons

About Darius

I taught myself to play the guitar. I almost quit many times, but the reason I’m still playing today is because I pick up and play the guitar every day, no matter what… and here I am 30 years later working as a professional recording artist and guitar teacher.

Because I taught myself, I figured out ways to develop my guitar skills more intuitively than most teachers. For that reason, I understand the issue’s you’re facing and know how to get you through them.

Guitar Couch is my step-by-step online guitar lessons system that teaches you to play the guitar at your own pace, helping you to progress and fill in the gaps without being academic. You’ll know what to work on, what to do next and you’ll never feel alone on your journey.

Darius | Online Guitar Lessons



Online Guitar Lessons