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  • Structured, step by step lessons

    All online lessons are structured so you can progress naturally & in an organised way. I’ll guide you step by step, give you tips along the way and help you grow into a real awesome guitarist. My goal is not to teach you a particular style. My aim is to shape you into a real guitarist who can play whatever you want!

  • Forum

    What could be better than having all of your questions answered as soon as you start learning the guitar? The forum is the perfect place for you to ask & see what questions other students have already asked.

  • Built-in Social Stream

    The built-in social media stream is for you to post photos of your gear, new guitars, discuss new purchases, make friends & share your achievements. You will be joining a safe, fun & supportive community.

  • Master Sessions

    Master sessions will make you feel like you are part of something special. These are the most important part of the online guitar lessons. Master sessions are where you implement everything you have learned in a fun & exciting way. What can be better than to feel like a real musician & be able to play real music?

  • Extra Videos, Quizzes & Tools

    I know why most people give up and I know how to keep you motivated & excited to keep learning. It is easy to start learning the guitar with Guitar Couch tools that help you stay inspired, motivated, expand your knowledge & be entertained.

  • Webinars

    You can participate in weekly webinars. Each webinar is like having a one to on lesson with me. I make sure I give you plenty of ideas and plenty of cool new concepts. All of the webinars are recorded and published in the members section so that you can watch them at your leisure.

  • Regular content and updates.

    I am constantly working on new content, so every week the courses are growing and expanding. I want to make Guitar Couch a really fun and inspiring place to learn the guitar!

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Main Guitar Courses

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Main Guitar Courses


If you are new to the guitar, you probably know very little about it. In this course we will lay some solid foundations on which you can build upon.

We will discus what the guitar is, how to sit with it, how to tune it up and much more. Don’t forget to take the quiz – it will test your knowledge of the principles taught in this module.



This is the place where we start having fun. We will learn a few basic chords, simple strumming and an arpeggio. This course should take around one to two weeks to complete.

By the end, you will be introduced to your first master session. A master session is the core of the guitar couch courses. This is where we will be able to integrate all of your knowledge with real music written and recorded especially for this level.

Foundation guitar course level 2


In the level 3 of Foundation Guitar Course, we will expand our knowledge and prepare you for some serious guitar playing! We will learn new chord shapes, new ways of strumming and how to practice efficiently. You’ll also have two new master sessions, one of which is a Blues Master session, where we will lay some blues foundations and practice it together with the backing track.

This is a time when a lot of people can feel frustrated. The last unit in this module is a short inspirational talk, I hope you will find the story from this unit helpful and will help you pass through difficult times.



We will start beginner guitar course with some funky/fresh chords. Since you know all of the common open chords now, we can jump into this exciting new territory.

You will learn about suspensions and 7th chords. Suspensions will enable you to add some cool melodic lines to the standard open D and D minor chords. You will be able to practice all these concepts with two brand new master sessions, which I recorded especially for you. Since you are getting better at playing the guitar, we are going to start adding more and more sills, exciting and cool knowledge to your guitar arsenal. Towards the end of this module, you will learn quite a tricky new chord – B7.


The beginner guitar course part 2 is a game changer. Things are getting much more interesting and exciting in here. We will learn some really cool sounding new chords, a few new arpeggios and a strumming pattern.

Again, we are going to have two new Master Sessions in this beginner guitar course and one of them will have a simple guitar solo. The audiovisual presentations will cover the tab versions of the arpeggios and the solo. The first unit will prepare us to play the barre chords. I will show you a few simple exercise to get your hands ready to play these challenging chords.

Beginner Guitar Course levle 2 Online Guitar Lessons


This module will be fun. With this module, we will start implementing barre chords into our practice sessions. Don’t worry, it will be a very gentle introduction. The goal is to just start working on these shapes.

We will also learn a few very cool sounding guitar chords and strummings. We will work on some arpeggios and play a very nice sounding guitar solo with our Master Session. As usual we will practice 2 hand synchronisation exercises. There is also a new concept – WORKOUT. We will work on your picking technique with the backing track.

Beginner Guitar Course Level 3


We will start this module with the fingerpicking technique. I have waited with this for a long time, because I wanted you to have some experience with the chords and chord changes.

I will walk you through all of the aspects of fingerpicking: placing the thumb, and fingers and so on. As usual, I will share a lot of tips and tricks that will help you master this module. I have recorded a very cool backing track that we will use in the first Master session. As a bonus, there is also a a solo part recorded so that you may try to play over the master session.

In the second part of this module, we will practice some two hand synchronisation exercises and there is also a work-out that will improve the technical aspects of your playing. We will finish with another master session, but this time, we are going to use the barre chord F for the first time. You learned this F chord in the previous module, so now it is the time to apply it. I have designed this master session in a way that should be relatively easy to play.

Master Guitar Barre Chords

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Master Barre Chords


A lot of beginner guitarists are afraid of barre chords. These shapes look almost impossible to master. This session will prepare you to play these challenging chords. It is designed to slowly immerse you into the world of barre chords.

Master Barre Chords - Foundation


In this session we will learn two very common barre chord shapes. One major and one minor. These shapes will open a whole new world of possibilities for your guitar playing.

You will learn about the theory behind barre chords. We will talk about the root notes and relationship of theses barre chords to the open chords. We will learn the names of the chords in all 12 positions. Through a series of the exercises I will show you have to work on memorising these guitar chords, and how to work on transition between them.

These lessons could be quite difficult to master, but it is really fun to work on challenging stuff like barre chords! Remember we are not looking for instant results, the goal is to work on these exercises for extended period of time – 2 months, half year, as much time as you need. Our goal is simple, to make you very versatile and flexible guitarist.

Lead Guitar

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Lead Guitar


This module opens up a new series of lessons which are dedicated to lead guitar and improvisation. It will lay a solid foundation that will help you develop amazing soloing guitar skills. You will learn how to position your hand on the fretboard, how to hold the pick and we will also work on some exercises.

You will learn the A minor pentatonic scale and learn how to improvise using the scale to the backing track that I recorded especially for this module. We will end by analysing 2 different guitar licks that sound great, straight out of the box and will sound great in any musical situation. The module is full of in-depth information, so make sure you watch everything from beginning till the end! It will be fun.

Guitar Scales & Fretboard Knowledge

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Scales & Fretboard Knowledge


Fretboard logic is a module designed to help you find your way around the fretboard. Knowing where the notes are on the neck is essential to use barre chords and scales freely.

I will show you a few different approaches to help you memorise the names of the notes. It is much more than just a simple memorisation course. In the second part of this course you will be able to practice the knowledge you have learned by practicing to a backing track that I wrote especially for this part of the course. This is the moment when things will change for you. We will work on all aspects of your guitar playing, memorisation of the notes, alternate picking and navigation on the neck.


Pentatonic scales are extremely popular amongst guitarists. A simple two-note layout makes them quite easy to remember and use. In this course we will focus on shape no.1

This course is huge and it covers a lot. If you have never played scales before, once you finish this course you will not only know how to play this shape, but you will know how to apply this to your music, or the music you play.
Think about it as a primer for learning the scales. We will talk about what scales are, why we need them and how we can make them “user friendly”. I did not want to create ‘just another course’ – my goal was to create something special for you – an easy to understand course that has an extremely practical approach. Why would you want to learn something if you don’t know how to use it?
We will target this shape from different angles, by doing different exercises, moving it to different keys, doing scale sequences, learning guitar licks and finally putting it all together by performing 2 guitar solos. (Written by me, especially for this course).

It is the first module in the series of the pentatonic scales. I hope you will enjoy it a lot!


Guitar Strumming Secrets

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Strumming Secrets


In this module, we will cover the mechanics of strumming. I will try to answer all of the questions you might have when it comes to your strumming hand. After watching this module, you will be ready to dive into the Strumming Secrets Series.

You will learn how to strum with the guitar pick, what to pay attention to and how to practice the rhythm. We will take a closer look at your palm and wrist and also the behaviour of your elbow. I will give you some tips on how to keep your strumming consistent and how not to miss the strings.


Once you learn some basic chords, the strumming is the binding element. It is the X-factor that makes chords sound like a song. In this course we will work on some basic strumming principles.

I will explain in detail, how to position your strumming hand and how to transition between the chords in order to achieve a very natural feeling rhythm.

We will work with the metronome and build to full strumming patterns, starting with very simple core exercises.This series is a great addition to the absolute beginner course. It is something that you should add to your general practising routine.

Strumming Series - beginner 1


In this course we will learn how to strum a very similar concept to the one that you learned in the First Strumming Series (D D U) Now we will bring it to the next level.

By simply doubling the speed of your strumming hand, we will create a completely different feel. This is a very useful strumming pattern that you can apply to songs like “Hotel California” by The Eagles, for example. I will give you a lot of tips on how to improve your rhythm, accuracy and how to stay motivated and not give up. It is a great addition to Beginner Course 1. This strumming pattern creates the basis of the first Master Session.


In this session, we will work on a refreshed version of the strumming DDU. You may think about it as DDU with a twist.

We will add an additional upstroke which will make it a very versatile strumming pattern that you will be able to use in a lot of folk and rock songs. We will discus the ways to practice the strumming with different chords. I will share some cool guitar tips and we will practice together. The speed is getting faster, so it will also be a little bit more challenging, but because you are getting better on the guitar, we can start doing some really cool and handy strumming.


In this Strumming Secrets session, we will take a little bit of a different approach to the rhythm. Instead of playing the sequences of down and up strokes, we will focus solely on the downstrokes.

When you strum the chords, many times you usually strum across all six or five strings. In this session, we will learn how to create the separation between lower and higher sounding strings. It is a very cool way of playing the rhythm. Your chords will sound much cleaner and much more interesting. Throughout this series of exercises, you will learn how to apply this strumming to common and very popular E minor, G, A minor, C And D chords. Make sure that you watch every single video from the beginning until the end. I will share a lot of tips and tricks with you, that are hidden in between the exercises!

Strumming Secrets - Beginner 4

How To Play – Song Analysis

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How To Play – Song Analysis


I have plenty of tutorials on You Tube. But this section is very different from You tube and also the How To Play free section of Guitar Couch. These song analysis’ go much deeper into the structure of the song.

We will practice the songs together and approach them from different perspectives – fingerpicking, arpeggios, lead parts and cool ornamentations that you can add to the song, to make it sound really good.


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It doesn’t matter if you are 70 or 15 years old, male or female, you will have fun learning the guitar with my online lessons. All lessons are structured so that you don’t have to guess what to do, and in which order. My fun and relaxed approach will help you learn the guitar.

A constantly growing library of online guitar lessons.

I create and record new lessons every week. I want you to know that I am here for you. All lessons are carefully planned and follow a very logical sequence. It is all based on my own experience teaching students during my private 1:1 lessons. These ideas have been tested and are proven to work.

My goal is very simple: to create the best online guitar lessons available on the web.

Music is my passion and the same goes for teaching the guitar. I am sure once you start my Academy Lessons you will really see how fun learning the guitar can be. The great thing is, it is never to late to enjoy and master the guitar!

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