I hope you will enjoy using this online metronome and have fun practising with it. A lot of guitar students are a little bit sceptical about using one, but try to give it a go.

It might not be a very simple tool to use at first. I suppose you want to know – how would you use this online metronome and why would you use it at all?

  • Firstly: It is a great tool to improve your timing. Simply practising with the metronome will make your playing more tight and accurate. Have you ever noticed how music on the radio sounds great and in time. It is simply thanks to the musicians practising to the metronome.
  • Secondly: It will make you more disciplined. A lot of guitarists have a tendency to slow down and speed up while they are practising. This online metronome will help you develop a strong sense of rhythm. A lot of beginner guitarists tend to stop their strumming when they do chord changes, so practising with the metronome will help you overcome all of these limitations.