Online Metronome – Guitarist Practice Tools

Online Metronome – Guitarist Practice Tools


I hope you will enjoy using this online metronome and have fun practising with it. A lot of guitar students are a little bit sceptical about using one, but try to give it a go.

It might not be a very simple tool to use at first. I suppose you want to know – how would you use this online metronome and why would you use it at all?


Click ‘START’ to activate the metronome. You can change the speed by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, but also by using arrows (left and right) on your computer’s keyboard. Once it is activated and working, you can pause and start the metronome using the space bar. You can choose different sounds of the click and also change the timing of the click. Choose something that sounds pleasant to your ear.


Set the timing to ‘1/4′ and choose ‘CLAVE’ sound – this is how I practice with this online metronome. Then choose your desired speed, or you can set it by clicking on the tap function a few times (it will detect your desired speed).

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