Guitar Tuition Prices

Guitar lessons In South West London | Clapham Junction | Battersea

One To One Guitar Tuition in London

30-Minute Guitar Lesson

£ 25
  • These are great for children
  • Half an hour guitar lessons are great for children because they are the perfect balance between guitar tuition and holding their attention. Shorter lessons don't tire young students and make them look forward to the next lesson

1-Hour Guitar Lesson

£ 40
  • These are bespoke 1:1 lessons
  • One-hour guitar lessons are perfect for serious guitar students looking for great results. This format allows you to assess your weekly goals and present new ideas whilst also focusing on the integration and implementation of existing knowledge

1-Hour Group Lesson

£ 60
  • These are perfect for studying with your friend
  • Group guitar lessons are especially helpful if you wish to study with your friend or family member. This type of guitar tuition will also help you overcome the fear of playing with other guitarist