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My name is Darius, and I’m a guitar teacher in London Battersea Clapham Junction.  I started playing the guitar at the age of 18. My beginnings were typical, full of ups and downs (mostly downs). My progress was extremely slow, but I persisted and got to the level where I could play with others. This is when playing the guitar became fun and motivated me to continue learning.

We used to rehearse in places like lofts, industrial buildings, factory changing rooms … it was unpredictable and fun. On a few occasions, we were even chased by unhappy locals who didn’t like our music (imagine trying to run with heavy amps and your guitar on your back).

My first performance was in a local pub full of cigarette smoke. I could barely see any people past the stage, but I guess that gave us the confidence to play better. Over the years, I played in many bands, covering different musical genres like folk, pop, blues, funk, rock and heavier styles of music.

To this day, practising and playing the guitar is the first thing I do each morning. I love it, which is why I never gave up. My students’ biggest problem when they come to me is that they don’t know what to practice or how to practice, and as a result, they lose motivation and give up too quickly.

Because of my experiences, playing and teaching for so many years, I have unique solutions for keeping students motivated and helping them reach their goals faster. I’m equally experienced in teaching beginners, self-taught guitarists and professional musicians looking for unique and new ways of expanding their guitar skills.

A Little Story About The Name - Guitar Couch

Let me tell you the story behind the name of my website – www.guitarcouch.com. When I was starting up, I searched for website names and thought that coach and guitar went well together. 

So I checked the domain availability, and to my surprise, it was still available! It wasn’t until 5 minutes after I had purchased the domain that I realised that the name I bought was guitarcouch not guitarcoach. I was devastated. I thought to myself, “What a waste, I just bought a completely useless name!”

My friend popped in the same evening, and I told her the story. Her reaction was amazing; she said, “What a wonderful mistake!” She explained that she thought it was much closer to my philosophy of playing anywhere, anytime, for 15 minutes a day, and she listed all of the benefits of having the name guitar couch.

So we extended my philosophy behind teaching the guitar to Guitar Couch and added that practising the guitar from the couch (or sofa) is usually where we do most of our playing. We sit on the couch and practice, play and have some fun. 

Darius | Guitar Teacher In London Battersea Clapham Junction