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Minutes from Clapham Junction station! Very close to Wandsworth, Fulham, Putney, Kensington & Chelsea

One To One & Group Guitar Lessons

Are you new to the guitar and don’t know where to start or are you an advanced player looking for a push in the right direction? Guitar lessons in London | Battersea | Clapham Junction , are designed to help people like you. If your dream is to play the guitar, or you are already an accomplished musician, my tuition can push you further towards achieving your goals.

Hi, I’m Darius, a musician and committed guitar teacher providing guitar lessons in London Battersea, Clapham Junction. My guitar lessons have transformed beginners who never played the guitar into successful musicians performing in bands and pushed advanced players into new, exciting directions.

What You Can Expect From Guitar Lessons In London | Clapham Junction


All lessons are structured and designed to give you the best results


Guitar lessons in London Battersea are suitable for all guitarists, at any level. I am equally as experienced in teaching complete beginner guitarists who have never played the guitar before as well as highly skilled performing artists who are looking for transformation.


Learning the guitar is just part of a process, staying motivated over a long period of time, requires skills at a whole new level. It is not just about talking or motivating you to practice, I will share real tools that will change the way you learn and help you stay on track with your goals.


Your age is not important. My youngest student is 10 and my oldest is 75. It is never too late to have fun playing the guitar. Many of my students start guitar lessons around retirement age because it is a fun and very rewarding hobby. I teach students, doctors, bankers, plumbers, architects, bus drivers, professional singers and musicians … because anyone can have fun playing the guitar.


I will teach you very effective techniques that will change the way you approach playing the guitar. The lessons are structured and will help you bring your guitar skills to the next level.


Lessons take place in my home studio in Clapham Junction, which has been designed as an inspiring place to learn and master the guitar. You can test different guitars, amps, pedals and record your first demo. I use the latest technology which makes lessons really fun!


My focus is on you, your goals and I design lessons that fit around you and your lifestyle. I know that you don’t have the time to practice for hours, so I will teach you how to get the best results in the time you have.

I have been teaching the guitar for over 20 years and playing and performing for much longer. I have taught hundreds of students and have solved many unique problems. You will see results starting from your very first lesson.


After the lessons you can reach me by email or call me during weekly office hours

Guitar Student Testimonials

Picture of Christopher


Guitar Lessons In London

Picture of Linda


Guitar Lessons In London

Picture of Ben


Guitar Lessons In London

Picture of Jo


Guitar Lessons In London

Picture of James


Guitar Lessons In London

Having struggled to make any progress with my guitar playing I was fortunate to find Darius. His style, approach and ability to explore, explain and teach any genre be it blues, rock, funk or country quickly broke me free of the rut I had got stuck in. In a relatively short period of time, he developed and continued to expand on, my ability to jam, improvise and even compose. My only regret is not starting lessons with Darius sooner.

Picture of Simon


Guitar Lessons In London

I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years on and off before I realised I didn’t really have much to show for it, I’d developed some bad habits and became very frustrated with jamming in position 1 pentatonic! I found Darius online and took lessons with him for over a year, now the neck is a playground! He’s exactly what a teacher should be, engaging, enthusiastic, patient, knows the subject and gives his knowledge openly. Truly awesome guy with loads of talent.

Picture of Jay


Guitar Lessons In London

I started to have lessons with Darius as a complete beginner. After my first lesson I could play a real song and after a few lessons, I was starting to play barre chords! I never thought I would learn so much and have a great time too. Highly recommended.

Picture of Jo


Guitar Lessons In London

Darius is a great guitar teacher. He keeps the lessons interesting and challenging and you’ll definitely find yourself improving whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

Picture of Ben


Guitar Lessons In London

Darius thanks for today! It was my 1st lesson and I will never forget it! Thanks for you’re ‘Style of Teaching’ it is unique! I knew you would be able to teach me when I saw you on YouTube! Never change your ability to teach students on their level!

Picture of Ken


Guitar Lessons In London

I decided to learn the guitar when I was 43, not being sure I would ever be able to play… Darius’ lessons are great as you learn something new and interesting every time, he challenges you, without forgetting that what really matters is having fun with the instrument!

Picture of Emmanuel


Guitar Lessons In London

I started learning guitar with Darius as a complete beginner and even just after a few lessons with Darius was able to play complete tunes!
Darius can teach broad styles of music with guitar and is a great/ patient teacher that soon you will be playing songs you never thought you would be able to!

Picture of Catherine


Guitar Lessons In London

Having had my beloved guitar for over 10 years I first took some private lessons and then group lessons which were boring. Then last year I was fed-up of not being able to strum so I searched for tutors in Battersea and Daruis came up. My first lesson was super fantastic and felt like I had only been there for 20 minutes the time went so fast!!!!!! I totally get Darius’s way of teaching. He is so involved and fun and breaks things down, I love his style of teaching, I love all the equipment he uses, I learned much more with him in a month that I’d learnt with anyone else in the past. It is through him that I am so comfortable with my guitar. I cannot rate Daruis enough. I don’t learn from boring people, I learn from fun, involved, passionate people who know their stuff . The Steve Irwin of guitar. and I loved, loved, loved watching Steve Irwin.

Picture of Malecia


Guitar Lessons In London

I’ve always wanted to play the guitar and found Darius online. Here we are two years and a half later and I love it. Darius has kept me challenged and interested. I learned songs but also how to improvise and find a sense of freedom. I strongly recommend his teaching.

Picture of Cyril


Guitar Lessons In London


My personalised learning plan will help you reach your guitar goals faster


Guitar Lessons In South West London

Battersea | Clapham Junction | Wandsworth


Guitar Lessons In South West London

Battersea | Clapham Junction | Wandsworth


Guitar Lessons In South West London

Battersea | Clapham Junction | Wandsworth


Guitar Lessons Battersea | Clapham Junction | Wandsworth

30-Minute Guitar Lesson

£ 25
  • These are great for children
  • Half an hour guitar lessons are great for children because they are the perfect balance between guitar tuition and holding their attention. Shorter lessons don't tire young students and make them look forward to the next lesson

1-Hour Guitar Lesson

£ 40
  • These are bespoke 1:1 lessons
  • One-hour guitar lessons are perfect for serious guitar students looking for great results. This format allows you to assess your weekly goals and present new ideas whilst also focusing on the integration and implementation of existing knowledge

1-Hour Group Lesson

  • These are perfect for studying with your friend
  • Group guitar lessons are especially helpful if you wish to study with your friend or family member. This type of guitar tuition will also help you overcome the fear of playing with other guitarist


One To One & Group Guitar Lessons In Battersea | Clapham Junction

What time are the lessons?

Lessons are taught from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 12 midday.

Where are you based?

Guitar lessons are conveniently located in Battersea, South West London, very close to Clapham Junction station, which is approximately a five-minute walk, and Wandsworth Town train station is under ten minutes in the opposite direction. Clapham Common is very close, and the popular Northcote Rd and St. Johns Hill are not too far away.

Contact Details

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, my youngest student is 8, and my oldest is approaching his 80th birthday!

Do you offer online guitar lessons?

Yes, you can find out more about my online guitar lessons from this page: Online Guitar Lessons

Do you prepare students for exams?

Yes, I prepare students for grades and exams.

Do you teach electric or acoustic guitar?

I teach both, and many of my students rotate lessons between acoustic and electric guitar.

Do I have to bring my own guitar and amps?

I know how challenging it can be to travel with your instrument in London, so it’s absolutely fine to use my guitars and amps in the studio.

Do you teach total beginners?

Yes, I have a special program designed for people who have never touched a guitar in their life. After the first few lessons, you’ll be able to play a few songs. In the first lesson, I’ll teach you how to play a catchy little tune, so you’ll see progress from day one.

Do you teach advanced guitar players?

Yes! After assessing your level and skills we will create a bespoke plan of action that will help you achieve your specific goals in a clear and effective way.

Do you teach music theory?

Of course. I sneak music theory into every lesson in a logical way that makes sense and relates to everything you’re learning. I also provide music theory-only focussed lessons for those students who are trying to learn about how music works (DJs, electronic music producers, solo artists, etc.)

What can I learn?

Almost anything and everything related to the guitar including music production. With beginner guitarists, I specifically focus on teaching you real music and songs and with advanced guitarists, we focus on your weaknesses (in an environment that is related to your musical preferences). 

I have some disability, is it a problem?

Please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements. I have worked with multiple disabilities and can alter my lessons to suit your specific needs.

Who are you?


Unique Teaching Style - Motivating & Fun - High Success Rate - All Levels

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