What is that strange squeaky sound when I slide my fingers on the guitar?

What is that strange squeaky sound when I slide my fingers on the guitar?

Have you ever noticed that strange squeaky sound coming from your strings when you move your fingers between the chords or when you do slides? Are you doing something wrong or is it normal?

One answer to calm your mind is that it is normal. When you do a slide from one fret to the next one, there is some friction between your fingers and the string and that is what causes this squeaky sound. When you look at the anatomy of the guitar strings, you will notice that some strings have something wound around the core of the string. They are like small bumps on the string. This is the biggest source of that squeaky sound. The sound is more audible on some strings rather than others, so it really depends on the types of the strings you are using.

A lot of guitarists consider this extra squeaky sound as part of their music creation. Listen to acoustic music performances, you will hear it all the time. Some guitar players like it, some don’t. I really love it, and in my opinion it adds some kind of the human touch to our playing.

When you watch my video lessons you may not hear that strange sound so much because I don’t use the microphone to capture the sound of my guitar. I use the built-in piezo and magnetic pickup to catch the sound of my guitar (it is a combination of both). It picks up the vibration of the string rather than the overall acoustic sound. That way, it is easier for me to separate the voice and the guitar sound during the recording process, although I lose a little bit of that natural acoustic sound.. As a result, when you try to play along to my videos, these sounds are more prominent on your guitar than they are on mine. However, if you would be in my teaching studio, you would hear it all the time.

To wrap it up: I would consider this squeaky sound as a natural part of our guitar playing. Some people try to apply a lighter touch to the strings to get rid of it. For sure it may work, but it may sometimes affect the way you play the guitar. I would ignore it and just focus on the music itself.

Even if you apply excessive tension to the strings, over time as you get more experienced you will get better with controlling it, so don’t worry too much.

Enjoy your squeaky sound 🙂


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