How To Play For What It’s Worth By Buffalo Springfield

In this lesson we will learn how to play For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. If you are a beginner guitarist, then this is the song for you. What makes this song easy for a beginner guitarist is that we can really narrow this song down to a very basic strumming pattern whilst still making it sound great!

In the video, I explain how to build up the rhythm for the song (including the muted part) so make sure you watch it all. There is also a second way of playing this song by applying some melody lines in-between the chords and I explain how to play that part towards the end of the video.

The chord structure consists of very common open chords, so it is a good song to practice chord changes.

Song structure:
Verse: E / A
Chorus : E / D / A / A7

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How to play Free Falling by Tom Petty

In this lesson we will learn how to play – Free falling – by Tom Petty. It is a great sounding song with easy common open chords and a cool strumming technique.

This song is an example of how you can turn a few chords into a very powerful and great sounding song. As usual, with great sounding guitar songs, it is not about how many chords you have, but how those chords are connected together.

Song structure:
Verse: D / Dsus4 / D / A

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How to play See You Again – Charlie Puth

Lets learn how to play ‘See you again’ by Charlie Puth. It is a really cool song that not only sounds great on the piano but also on the guitar.

If you want to practice this song along to the original track (and use open chords) you will have to place a capo on the third fret. Some of you may not have a capo, so I will explain this song in the normal open position. We have only 3 chords – Em, G and C. The trick here is in the rhythm part. We will count to this song like this: 1   2 and  3  4. The chord changes appear on 1 and ‘and’.

Song structure:
Verse: Em / G / C / G

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How To Play Hurt – Johnny Cash

This song is a perfect example of how to turn a cover song into something better than the original recording. The song structure is quite simple.

We will spice up the progression a little bit by adding Dsus2 and Fadd9 chords. The verse is a combination of arpeggios and strumming. Make sure that you target the right notes. We will play C major and A minor from the 5th string and Dsus2 from the 4th. In the verse, we will keep our 4th finger on the 3rd fret, 1st string across all of the chords. This will add a very cool continuum between the chords.

Song structure:
Verse: Am / C / Dsus2
Chorus: G / Am7 / Fadd9 / C

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How to play Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight is one those songs that you can instantly recognise in just a few seconds. It is also a great beginner guitarists song.

This song uses common open chords, but the chords G, C and D always cause some troubles. Working on this tune is a perfect ‘exercise’ to work on these types of transitions.

Song structure:
Verse: G / D / C / D
Chorus: C / D / G / G/Gb / Em / C / D

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How To Play Knocking On Heavens Door – Bob Dylan

Knocking On Heavens Door is a really good beginner song to learn. It features very popular open chords and is fun to play.

The video covers a few different variations. We will start by trying simple strumming and finish with some cool arpeggios.

Song structure:
Verse: G / D / Am / Am
G / D / C / C
Chorus: G / D / C / C

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How To Play Candy – Paolo Nutini

Many of my beginner students love this song, the chords are quite easy, but the rhythm is more challenging.

The most common problem is changing from the G to The D, and from the D to the Am. Have fun and don’t worry if it takes a bit of time to master the song – you will get there!

Song structure:
Intro: Am / Em
Verse/Chorus: Am / Em / G / D
Outro: C / G / C / D

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How To Play I’m outta time – Oasis

This song is a nice step up from “Zombie”. The strumming pattern is still very simple but we have a few more chords here.

Pay attention to the G and D chords – they usually cause the most problems. You may try to practice them in isolation before trying to play them in the song.

Song structure:
Verse: Em / E7sus4 / Am / C
Chorus: G / D / Em / Am / C / G

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How To Play Zombie – The Cranberries

Zombie is a really good beginner guitar song. You will need to learn 4 chord shapes. The good news is, that the chords are very easy to learn.

Before you play the rhythm part of this song, make sure that you remember the chord progression. Go through the chords slowly and try to memorise the chord pattern and how to transition from one chord to the next.

Song structure:
Verse/Chorus: Em  /  Cmaj7  /  G6  /  F#

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