Am(add9) – mysterious guitar chord

AAm(add9) – mysterious guitar chord. The guitar chord described in this online lesson is one of those really cool sounding ones. I like to think about it as a kind of mysterious sounding chord.

It is not a very difficult one to play, but you need to pay attention to your finger positions. To play the Am(add9) guitar chord, you need to position your first finger on the 5th fret, 3rd string and your third finger on the 7th fret, 4th string. We will strum this chord from the 5th string and strings two and one are open. Make sure that you play this in a vertical way to the fretboard. Watch the video to learn how to play this guitar chord.

Am(add9) - mysterious sounding guitar chord

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Open Minor and Major chords – Video chords library

A collection of common open minor and major chords in video format. A great tool for beginners.

If you are new to the guitar, pay attention to your fretting hand’s thumb and finger positions. Don’t lay your fingers to flat on the fretboard, as you will mute the strings.

A minor

A major

C major

D minor

D major

E minor

E major

G major

Open Dominant 7th Chords

Another important group of chords. Dominant 7th chords are great transitional chords.

Try to play chord G then G7 and then finish on C. Can you hear how it is resolving to the C chord?  You can hear this kind of resolution in a lot of songs. Dominant 7th chords (or just simply 7th) are also commonly used in blues music.  They will give you this nice tensed bluesy sound.

As practice, try firstly to play the major equivalent and then 7th chord. For example: play A then A7, or E then E7. You will hear the difference between those two. Can you hear the tension?

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Open Minor and Major chords

A collection of the most common open chords. A must for any aspiring guitarist.

One tip for you is to try to memorize the names, not only the shapes. This is very important as allot of guitarists do not remember the names of the chords and then they struggle whilst learning new songs (what I mean by struggle, is that they have to find every single chord online or in a book). If you memorize the names right from the beginning, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and time. One easy way to memorizing the names is to simply say aloud the name, as you play the chord

Major chords:

Minor chords:

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