Second guitar lesson – moving between the chords

Our new chord that we are going to learn in our second guitar lesson is called E major. As a reminder, remember to learn the names of the chords, not only the shapes. It will save you a lot of time in the future.

The great thing about the E major chord, is that it is identical to the A minor chord. We just move all our fingers up one string (check the chord diagram.
The transition between the chords is quite difficult if you are a beginner. One way to make this transition smoother is to divide it into two motions. Firstly, move your second and third fingers up and then the first finger. It can smoothen the transition slightly.

If you listen closely to these two chords, Am and E, you will hear the first two chords form the famous “Hotel California” song. So remember, chords are the building blocks of songs, this is why we need to learn them.
When it comes to your strumming hand make sure it is relaxed. The motion, as explained in the video, comes from the elbow.
Towards the end of the video lesson, I also explain whether it is better to start with an acoustic or electric guitar.

e major guitar chord

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First guitar lesson – Basics

In your first guitar lesson, we will lay some solid foundations. This lesson is designed for people who have never played the guitar before.

The goal is to get familiar with the guitar, learn how to position fingers on the fretboard and make a great sound by playing the A minor chord. You may wonder what guitar chords are? Guitar chords are building blocks of songs. Every song has a chord structure that defines the sound of the song. So your first guitar lesson is about learning a simple A minor chord. `

Learn guitar online A minor guitar chord

This guitar lesson is designed to be quick but also very efficient. I tried to give you only essential knowledge. Make sure that you watch this video from the beginning till the end as you may miss out on some very important information.

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