Strumming Secrets – Beginner 6

This module is built on top of the strumming techniques that you have already mastered in Strumming Secrets 5. It is amazing to see how small alterations and additions to familiar strumming rhythms can shed more light on them.

Beginner Level
7 lessons
31 minutes of video lessons

I can’t stress one important point however – you need to watch every single online guitar lesson from the beginning till the end. This course is structured and everything I say is designed to give you the best advice and results, but it only works if you follow the order of the lessons in the way they were intended, so you can’t skip anything.

Don’t forget that on the Forum you can share your video to get my personalised video feedback with some tips and advice. Use it to your advantage, let’s start!

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This is an academy membership module. Below, you see the module's lessons. Right now, the links are inactive.

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Module 1Module 1
Unit 1Introduction with application examples
Unit 2Exercise 1 - one strum down and some practicing tips
Unit 3Exercise 2 - 2 strums down and how to use these exercises
Unit 4Exercise 3 - 3 strums down and a little bit about personal feedback
Unit 5How to integrate strumming secrets modules with your practice routine and the concept of memorising and forgetting
Unit 6Example 4 - adding the final strum and how to feel the rhythm
Unit 7Making your strumming more interesting - rhythm and accents for a better dynamic sound
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