Strumming Secrets - Beginner 4

Strumming Secrets – Beginner 4

In this Strumming Secrets session, we will take a little bit of a different approach to the rhythm. Instead of playing the sequences of down and up strokes, we will focus solely on the downstrokes.

Beginner Level
16 lessons
52 minutes of video lessons

When you strum the chords, many times you usually strum across all six or five strings. In this session, we will learn how to create the separation between lower and higher sounding strings. It is a very cool way of playing the rhythm. Your chords will sound much cleaner and much more interesting. Throughout this series of exercises, you will learn how to apply this strumming to common and very popular E minor, G, A minor, C And D chords. Make sure that you watch every single video from the beginning until the end. I will share a lot of tips and tricks with you, that are hidden in between the exercises!

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Module 1Strumming Secrets – Beginner 4
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Open strings exercise - with an explanation of how to hold a pick
Unit 3Open strings exercise - targeting the 6th string
Unit 4Open strings exercise - targeting the 5th string
Unit 5Open string exercise - targeting the 4th string - some tips for the strumming hand
Unit 6Mixing it all together - some practicing tips
Unit 7Applying the strumming concept to the E minor chord - some music theory explanations
Unit 8Chord G with the new strumming
Unit 9Applying the strumming to the chord A minor
Unit 10Applying the strumming to the chord C major
Unit 11Applying the strumming to the chord D major
Unit 12Motivation tips and new strumming with the chords Em and G
Unit 13Applying the strumming to the chords Am and C - how to mute the unwanted 6th string
Unit 14Chords E minor and A minor - travelling across the neck
Unit 15E minor, A minor and D with the new strumming - composition tips and how to put chords together
Unit 16Conclusion - the importance of rhythm and practicing ideas

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