Strumming Secrets – Beginner 3

In this session, we will work on a refreshed version of the strumming DDU. You may think about it as DDU with a twist.

Beginner Level
15 lessons
50 minutes of video lessons

We will add an additional upstroke which will make it a very versatile strumming pattern that you will be able to use in a lot of folk and rock songs. We will discus the ways to practice the strumming with different chords. I will share some cool guitar tips and we will  practice together. The speed is getting faster, so it will also be a little bit more challenging, but because you are getting better on the guitar, we can start doing some really cool and handy strumming. Lets start.

Remember that these modules are additional / expanded concepts that you need to work on, alongside the major courses.

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Module 1S3 - Strumming Secrets Series – Level 3
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Exercise 1
Unit 3Quick Tips For Targeting The Strings
Unit 4Exercise 2 - DD34
Unit 5Exercise 3 - DD34 With Various Chords
Unit 6Exercise 4 - DDU34
Unit 7Pay Attention To How You Finish
Unit 8Exercise 5 - DDU34 With Chords G & D
Unit 9Try To Feel The Rhythm
Unit 10Exercise 6 - DDUU With The A Minor Chord
Unit 11Exercise 7 - DDUU With Chords Am & C
Unit 12Exercise 8 - DDUU With Chords Em & G
Unit 13Exercise 9 - DDUU With Chords C & G
Unit 14Exercise 10 - DDUUU
Unit 15Final Notes
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