Strumming Secrets – Beginner 2

In this course we will learn how to strum a very similar concept to the one that you learned in the First Strumming Series (D D U). Now we will bring it to the next level.

Beginner Level
12 lessons
38 minutes of video lessons

By simply doubling the speed of your strumming hand, we will create a completely different feel. This is a very useful strumming pattern that you can apply to songs like “Hotel California” by The Eagles, for example. I will give you a lot of tips on how to improve your rhythm, accuracy and how to stay motivated and not give up. It is a great addition to Beginner Course 1. This strumming pattern creates the basis of the first Master Session.

Remember that these modules are additional / expanded concepts that you need to work on, alongside the major courses.

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Module 1Strumming Secrets Series – Level 2
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Exercise 1
Unit 3Exercise 2
Unit 4A Quick Example Of How To Use This Strumming
Unit 5Exercise 3 - Hit Hit Empty Empty
Unit 6Exercise 4 - Hit Hit Empty Empty With Various Chords
Unit 7Exercise 5 - D D U With The C Chord
Unit 8How To Improve Your Rhythm - Exercise 5 Cont.
Unit 9A Few More Rhythm Tips
Unit 10Exercise 6 - D D D U
Unit 11Exercise 7 - Muted D D D U
Unit 12Exercise 8 - D D D U With The Chords Em G D C
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