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Strumming Camp - Beginners

Strumming Camp - Beginners

The guitar changed my life! Because of it, I quit my 9-5 job, started teaching and gigging live. Every single day I pick up the instrument to practice and I never get bored. I hope I can share this passion and help your dreams come true too.


Join me this Sunday for a 30 minute free live practice session webinar . The goal is simple: To teach you one strumming technique and how to apply it.

Learning to play the guitar is much more than just learning chords. Strumming is one technique that brings everything together and makes what you play sound like a song. At the same time guitarists struggle a lot with it.

In this webinar, we will practice a very simple strumming pattern together. At the beginning, I will explain all the terminology, basics of the strumming and in the second part we will practice it together. 

Here is the webinar schedule:

  • First Part - Terminology, basics of strumming and how to make it sound great.
  • Second Part - Practice session.  Practice along with me.
  • Last Part - Live Q&A

For the session you will need to learn three very simple chords: A minor, E major and C major. 

The session will last for 30 minutes. Get your guitar ready, make sure it is in tune and I will see you on Sunday the 19th of February at 8pm (London time).

Here is a link to a quick time zone converter so you can check your local time:

Sunday The 19th
At 20:00 UTC+1

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