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Unique Online Guitar Lessons. Have you tried to learn the guitar online with little to no success? Why not try my teaching style?

  • Full Support

    If you have an urgent question, you can message me using the built in messaging system. I designed this to give you the complete support you need in the most fun way possible, something that I wish I would of had when I started learning how to play the guitar.

  • Track Your Progress

    You will be able to track your progress by marking your finished lessons so you can remember exactly where you left off. You can share your achievements, videos and pictures on the members-only, social platform which is integrated into your account.

  • Easy To Use

    It is very easy to sign up, pause or cancel your membership. If you decide to cancel your subscription, your log-in will stay unique to you, and you can always join again at a later date.

The Guitar Couch Academy is fun, effective and easy to follow. It is logically structured and arranged into a step by step, comprehensive, online system.

Ready to discover a new way to learn the guitar?



Structured Lessons

Full Support

Easy To Follow

Constantly Updated

Easy To Navigate

Built-in Social Stream


  1. Jo Gondek avatar


    This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the guitar at their own pace. I dip in and out when I have time, the course is motivating, inspiring and is the most comprehensive beginner guitar course that I have seen online. I have been a member right from the start and two years later am still here, growing and enjoying every second.

  2. Kenneth Hughes avatar

    Ken Hughes

    Hi Darius, I have just finished the Beginners Course level 2. I would just like to thank you for the way you created these lessons. They are structured in a way that allows me to go back and visit each individual lesson as many times as I need to really understand and grasp them at my own pace! This is important as I have the most unstructured working week! The very relaxed teaching style you have removes any pressure to keep up! I learn at my speed! You made me realise that learning can be fun and we all need time to enjoy learning and laughing at our mistakes!
    Thank You! Ken Hughes

  3. Harry Hole avatar

    Harry Hole

    I have been looking around your web site discovering new things to learn. Fantastic. Best value going imo! I’m going to continue with the master course but also add barre chords and strumming secrets to my learning routine along with a different song choice each week. Thank you so much for all of your hard efforts in producing a great site. Harry

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