Robben Ford Tone Capsule – an interesting collaboration with Roland

Robben Ford announced a new collaboration with Roland – tone capsule. Over the years Robben has worked with Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, Larry Carlton and Kiss. He is famous for his sense of phrasing, tone and songwriting skills. He is also an amazing guitar teacher with a handful of publications.

When it comes to his unique sound – his weapon of choice are Dumble amps, which these days, are collectable items. They have a great tone and are/were used by so many great musicians – including Steve Ray Vaughan. For me, it was a surprise that Robben got into a collaboration with Roland. He is associated with that great valve amp tone and Roland is a rather solid state, low budget circuit. His new collaboration with Roland created something they called the tone capsule. Mr Ford claims that it is as close as you can get to his tone on a budget.

I like to hear just a straight sound, a very true sound, and this is incredibly close to how I want to hear the guitar—Robben Ford

It is based on a Blues Cube amp circuit and works like some kind of a plugin for it. It is a very interesting concept! The question is – is it just simply a gimmick or a real thing. One thing is the sound, but the second is the feel. For us as guitarists, the feel of the amp is very important, this is one of the factors that determine how confident and well we play.

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