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Unique Online Guitar Lessons. Have you tried to learn the guitar online with little to no success? Why not try my teaching style?

  • Full Support

    If you have an urgent question, you can message me using the built in messaging system. I designed this to give you the complete support you need in the most fun way possible, something that I wish I would of had when I started learning how to play the guitar.

  • Track Your Progress

    You will be able to track your progress by marking your finished lessons so you can remember exactly where you left off. You can share your achievements, videos and pictures on the members-only, social platform which is integrated into your account.

  • Easy To Use

    It is very easy to sign up, pause or cancel your membership. If you decide to cancel your subscription, your log-in will stay unique to you, and you can always join again at a later date.

The Guitar Couch Academy is fun, effective and easy to follow. It is logically structured and arranged into a step by step, comprehensive, online system.

Ready to discover a new way to learn the guitar?



Structured Lessons

Full Support

Easy To Follow

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Built-in Social Stream

  • Structured, step by step lessons

    All online guitar lessons are structured so you can progress naturally & in an organised way. I’ll guide you step by step, give you tips along the way and help you grow into a real awesome guitarist. My goal is not to teach you a particular style. My aim is to shape you into a real guitarist who can play whatever you want!

  • Master Sessions

    Master sessions will make you feel like you are part of something special. These are the most important part of the online guitar lessons. Master sessions are where you implement everything you have learned in a fun & exciting way. What can be better than to feel like a real musician & be able to play real music?

  • Extra Videos, Quizzes & Tools

    I know why most people give up and I know how to keep you motivated & excited to keep learning. It is easy to start learning the guitar with Guitar Couch tools that help you stay inspired, motivated, expand your knowledge & be entertained.

  • Webinars

    You can participate in weekly webinars. Each webinar is like having a one to on lesson with me. I make sure I give you plenty of ideas and plenty of cool new concepts. All of the webinars are recorded and published in the members section so that you can watch them at your leisure.

  • Rhythm & Ear Training

    You may think that you don’t have a good sense of rhythm. Maybe you can’t dance, maybe you can’t sing or even tap in time to your favourite songs. These online guitar lessons will teach your how to discover these qualities inside of you (it may not turn you into a greater dancer, but it will give you an understanding of rhythm).

  • Forum

    What could be better than having all of your questions answered as soon as you start learning the guitar? The forum is the perfect place for you to ask & see what questions other students have already asked.

  • Built-in Social Stream

    The built-in social media stream is for you to post photos of your gear, new guitars, discuss new purchases, make friends & share your achievements. You will be joining a safe, fun & supportive community.

  • Regular content and updates.

    I am constantly working on new content, so every week the courses are growing and expanding. I want to make Guitar Couch a really fun and inspiring place to learn the guitar!

    Last update: Thursday, June 15th, 2017

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Main Guitar Courses

Academy Membership

Academy Membership Online Guitar Lessons 5

These are the main study materials. Simply start with the first module and follow the order of the lessons. These modules are structured in a progressive way. This part of learning is the most important. Make sure that you watch every single lesson. If you want to benefit from this knowledge watch everything, from the beginning, till the end.


If you are new to the guitar, you probably know very little about it. In this course we will lay some solid foundations on which you can build upon.



This is the place where we start having fun. We will learn a few basic chords, simple strumming and an arpeggio. This course should take around one to two weeks to complete.

Foundation guitar course level 2


In the level 3 of Foundation Guitar Course, we will expand our knowledge and prepare you for some serious guitar playing! We will learn new chord shapes, new ways of strumming and how to practice efficiently. You’ll also have two new master sessions, one of which is a Blues Master session, where we will lay some blues foundations and practice it together with the backing track.



We will start beginner guitar course with some funky/fresh chords. Since you know all of the common open chords now, we can jump into this exciting new territory.


The beginner guitar course part 2 is a game changer. Things are getting much more interesting and exciting in here. We will learn some really cool sounding new chords, a few new arpeggios and a strumming pattern.

Beginner Guitar Course levle 2 Online Guitar Lessons


This module will be fun. With this module, we will start implementing barre chords into our practice sessions. Don’t worry, it will be a very gentle introduction. The goal is to just start working on these shapes.

Beginner Guitar Course Level 3

Master Guitar Barre Chords

Academy Membership

Academy Membership Online Guitar Lessons 3
We all know that barre chords are difficult. The exercises in these modules will prepare your hands to play theses shapes. You will also learn how to construct these chords, how to use them and a lot of more!


A lot of beginner guitarists are afraid of barre chords. These shapes look almost impossible to master. This session will prepare you to play these challenging chords. It is designed to slowly immerse you into the world of barre chords.

Master Barre Chords - Foundation


In this session we will learn two very common barre chord shapes. One major and one minor. These shapes will open a whole new world of possibilities for your guitar playing.

Lead Guitar

Academy Membership

If you are into soloing, then this course is for you. In this series you will learn everything related to guitar soloing. We will cover guitar scales, arpeggios and improvising. We will discuss different guitar techniques such as legato, tapping and sweep picking. It is a full, in-depth complex guitar soloing course, that will elevate your guitar skills to the next level! The knowledge form these modules will take you from a total beginner to an advanced level.


This module opens up a new series of lessons which are dedicated to lead guitar and improvisation. It will lay a solid foundation that will help you develop amazing soloing guitar skills. You will learn how to position your hand on the fretboard, how to hold the pick and we will also work on some exercises.

You will learn the A minor pentatonic scale and learn how to improvise using the scale to the backing track that I recorded especially for this module. We will end by analysing 2 different guitar licks that sound great, straight out of the box and will sound great in any musical situation. The module is full of in-depth information, so make sure you watch everything from beginning till the end! It will be fun. Lets start!

Guitar Scales & Fretboard Knowledge

Academy Membership

These are supplementary courses for the lead guitar module. It is designed to be a quick access to scale shapes, exercises and fretboard knowledge. In the main courses I mention when it is a suitable time to use this section, but you can try to explore it just on your own, if you like.


Fretboard logic is a module designed to help you find your way around the fretboard. Knowing where the notes are on the neck is essential to use barre chords and scales freely.

I will show you a few different approaches to help you memorise the names of the notes. It is much more than just a simple memorisation course. In the second part of this course you will be able to practice the knowledge you have learned by practicing to a backing track that I wrote especially for this part of the course.


Pentatonic scales are extremely popular amongst guitarists. A simple two-note layout makes them quite easy to remember and use. In this course we will focus on shape no.1

This course is huge and it covers a lot. If you have never played scales before, once you finish this course you will not only know how to play this shape, but you will know how to apply this to your music, or the music you play.


Guitar Strumming Secrets

Academy Membership

Academy Membership Online Guitar Lessons 2
These are additional strumming exercises. They are something that you may do alongside the main courses. They will supplement your major learning path. I separated them so you can quickly pop into any of these and practice your strumming technique.


In this module, we will cover the mechanics of strumming. I will try to answer all of the questions you might have when it comes to your strumming hand. After watching this module, you will be ready to dive into the Strumming Secrets Series.


Once you learn some basic chords, the strumming is the binding element. It is the X-factor that makes chords sound like a song. In this course we will work on some basic strumming principles.

Strumming Series - beginner 1


In this course we will learn how to strum a very similar concept to the one that you learned in the First Strumming Series. Now we will bring it to the next level.


In this session, we will work on a refreshed version of the strumming DDU. You may think about it as DDU with a twist.


In this Strumming Secrets session, we will take a little bit of a different approach to the rhythm. Instead of playing the sequences of down and up strokes, we will focus solely on the downstrokes.

Strumming Secrets - Beginner 4

How To Play – Song Analysis

Academy Membership

Academy Membership Online Guitar Lessons 4
In this section we will analyse the songs. These are the lessons I post on you tube, but they are expanded, especially for you. You will be able to learn how to play popular songs in many different ways, using strumming, arpeggios, and so on. I will add new songs on a weekly/bi weekly basis.


I have plenty of tutorials on You Tube. But this section is very different from You tube and also the How To Play free section of Guitar Couch. These song analysis’ go much deeper into the structure of the song.

We will practice the songs together and approach them from different perspectives – fingerpicking, arpeggios, lead parts and cool ornamentations that you can add to the song, to make it sound really good.


Webinar Archive

Academy Membership

Some Of The Features

Guitar Chords

All types of guitar chords


The drive behind the songs

Strumming Secrets

Especially designed exercises for you


A cool way of spicing up the chords

Master Sessions
Application of what you have learned

How to learn and play popular songs


The world of guitar soloing

Guitar Techniques & Exercises

Left and right hand guitar techniques


How to be creative with your knwoledge

Music Theory

Understanding how music works

Practicing tips

How to build your practice routine

AV Presentation

Additional audio visual presentations to explain concepts


Be inspired and get the best results

Focussing on details & additional resources
Slow Down & AB Loop Videos

Awesome video player with enhanced functionality

Top Support

Every single question answered

Online Guitar Lessons Counter

Academy modules
Video lessons

Last update:Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Comprehensive and step by step online guitar lessons designed for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are 70 or 15 years old, male or female, you will have fun learning the guitar with my online lessons. All lessons are structured so that you don’t have to guess what to do, and in which order. My fun and relaxed approach will help you learn the guitar.

A constantly growing library of online guitar lessons.

I create and record new lessons every week. I want you to know that I am here for you. All lessons are carefully planned and follow a very logical sequence. It is all based on my own experience teaching students during my private 1:1 lessons. These ideas have been tested and are proven to work.

My goal is very simple: to create the best online guitar lessons available on the web.

Music is my passion and the same goes for teaching the guitar. I am sure once you start my Academy Lessons you will really see how fun learning the guitar can be. The great thing is, it is never to late to enjoy and master the guitar!

Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners


  1. Jo Gondek avatar

    This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the guitar at their own pace. I dip in and out when I have time, the course is motivating, inspiring and is the most comprehensive beginner guitar course that I have seen online. I have been a member right from the start and two years later am still here, growing and enjoying every second.

  2. Kenneth Hughes avatar

    Hi Darius, I have just finished the Beginners Course level 2. I would just like to thank you for the way you created these lessons. They are structured in a way that allows me to go back and visit each individual lesson as many times as I need to really understand and grasp them at my own pace! This is important as I have the most unstructured working week! The very relaxed teaching style you have removes any pressure to keep up! I learn at my speed! You made me realise that learning can be fun and we all need time to enjoy learning and laughing at our mistakes!
    Thank You! Ken Hughes

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