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Perfect practice routine for the beginner guitarist

Perfect practice routine for the beginner guitarist

The guitar changed my life! Because of it, I quit my 9-5 job, started teaching and gigging live. Every single day I pick up the instrument to practice and I never get bored. I hope I can share this passion and help your dreams come true too.


Would you like to learn the secrets of the prefect practice routine? Do you feel like many times you don't know what to practice and as a result you feel like you are not achieving your guitar related goals?

Join me this Saturday at 6pm UK time for my webinar. I will show you very effective ways of practicing the guitar that will give you results. The great thing is that it will only take you around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. This will serve as a plan for building your future practice routines.


London - 6pm

New York - 1pm

Los Angeles - 10 am

Auckland - 7am

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Saturday The 18th
at 6 pm London UK

Registration is closed for this webinar.