Master Barre Chords - Foundation

Master Barre Chords – Foundation

A lot of beginner guitarists are afraid of barre chords. These shapes look almost impossible to master. This session will prepare you to play these challenging chords. It is designed to slowly immerse you into the world of barre chords.

Beginner Level
10 lessons
57 minutes of video lessons

You may wonder why we need barre chords? You could easily use the capo and play open chords instead. In the first lesson, I will explain and demonstrate the purpose of barre chords. I hope after watching it you will change your mind about playing these guitar shapes. Let me just say this, if you spend some time studying these shapes, a whole new world will open up for you. You will be able to play almost anything on the guitar. It will become extremely easy to transpose music to different keys, and you will be able to apply very cool articulation techniques.

There are plenty of exercises in this module. The goal is to prepare you and your hands to play these guitar chords. Some of the exercises are very challenging so please allow some time to get used to them. Remember that mastery of these shapes can take quite a lot of time. Instead of trying to practice these exercises for 30 minutes every day, I would try to do them for only 5 minutes every day, or every other day. You will avoid frustration, and your hands will get the chance to slowly get used to the barre chords.

In this module, I will show you how to practice these exercises, and how to implement them into your practicing schedule. The exercises are really fun and will not only prepare you to play barre chords but will also improve your general guitar technique. I hope these online guitar lessons will be fun and effective. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the forum and Guitar Couch Social Stream.

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Module 1Master Barre Chords - Foundation
Unit 1What are barre chords?
Unit 2Exercise 1 - How to position your index finger
Unit 3Exercise 2 - Fun index finger exercise
Unit 4Exercise 3 - moving it around
Unit 5Exercise 4 - spicing it up
Unit 6Exercise 5 and some practicing tips
Unit 7Exercise 6 - Am and E - unusual approach
Unit 8Exercise 7 - Am and E - moving it horizontally
Unit 9Exercise 8 - chromatic exercise with the bar on the 5th fret
Unit 10Conclusion

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