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If you like my website, please help me spread the word about my Online Guitar Lessons. Below, you will find badges that you can embed into your website or blog.

The first badge has white letters on a transparent background, the second one, has black letters on a transparent background and the third one is a banner.

Linking to Guitar Couch:
Simply copy the HTML code, paste it into your page and test the link. If you are using WordPress, this link needs to be pasted into the TEXT code field rather than VISUAL (once you paste it and switch to visual mode, you will only see the photo without the text, but the photo will have a link). You can also paste this link into your widget area.

Linking to Your Website:

If you want me to link to your page, send me the URL of the page, where I can see one of my badges pasted into your website, and your html code with the preferred text description. I will be more than happy to return the favour!

LOGO 1 – White Letters


Guitar Couch Lessons | Online Guitar Lessons

LOGO 2 – Black Letters


Guitar Couch Lessons | Online Guitar Lessons

LOGO 3 – Banner


Guitar Couch Lessons | Online Guitar Lessons