Learn how to tune up the guitar

All beginners love it 🙂 Almost an impossible task in our early days of guitar playing. Lets learn how to tune up the guitar.

Even the best guitarists in the world at some stage struggled to tune up their guitar. Frankly, it is not that easy! The good news is you are going to repeat this task so many times that eventually it becomes second nature.

If you want to develop great guitar skills, you need to practice the guitar which is in tune. It will develop your “ear” and will connect everything you are playing in your memory.

To tune up the guitar you need a tuner. These days you can buy a standalone one or download an app for your computer or phone. They all work in the same way. Make sure that you are tuning up your guitar in a quiet place. If your tuner uses an external microphone, it will pick up additional noises from your room and will make this task much more difficult.

Make sure that you remember the names of the guitar strings (here is the lesson on this subject – CLICK HERE). You will need it in order to know which pitch you are tuning up a string to.

One thing to remember, tuning up the guitar once per week is not enough. The tuning stability of the guitar is influenced by many factors – room temperature, humidity, how often you practice, bending strings…. Make it a habit to check the tuning every time you pick up the instrument.


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