Guitar lessons that fit around your lifestyle

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Structured, self-study, online guitar lessons with a unique one to one feel.

High-quality guitar lessons in Reading UK.

Study with a guitar teacher who really cares about your results.

  • Academy Membership | Online Guitar Lesson

    $9.00 / month

    A fresh way to learn the guitar with great support and online community. The online guitar lessons are unique and created from my years of experience of teaching 1 to 1 guitar lessons in London, Reading and Online.

    My 1 to 1 guitar lessons in Reading Berkshire are suitable for all guitarists, at any level. I am equally as experienced in teaching complete beginner guitarists who have never played the guitar before as well as highly skilled performing artists who are looking for transformation.

  • Reading UK Guitar Lessons

    £30 / hour

    Personalised one to one guitar lessons in Reading, Berkshire UK. Your chance to study in a well-equipped studio with dozens of amps, guitars and professional recording equipment. Have fun and study in an inspiring environment.

  • Structured Guitar Lessons

    All lessons are structured and designed to give you the best results. Whether you take Online or One to One Guitar Lessons you can be sure they are all well designed. I have spent years perfecting my teaching skills. You will see that reflected in your results.

  • Comprehensive support

    You will have plenty of questions. You will have my full support, you can reach me by email, call me or if you take online guitar lessons ask the questions on the forum and built-in social media platform.

  • Guided lesson plan

    You want to play your favourite tunes. My personalised learning plan will help you reach your guitar goals. It is all designed around your needs and expectations.


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I think the biggest problem when it comes to learning the guitar online is self-motivation. Over time, we simply lose interest and excitement. My goal as a guitar teacher is to grow and nurture this passion inside of you.

I love playing & practicing the guitar. It is like breathing and my morning coffee, something that I need every day in order to survive and grow. Let me inspire you to be the best guitarist you can be.

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  • and most importantly motivation to keep going!

Academy Membership | Online Guitar Lessons

$9.00 / month
Distance is no longer a problem. You can learn how to play the guitar online. I put a lot of work into these guitar lessons to make sure that you get results. All lessons are structured, logically planned and fully supported.

Reading UK Guitar Lessons

£30 / hour
Do you want to study with me in person? My guitar lessons in Reading Caversham Berkshire are different from everything you have experienced so far. No matter what age you are or what your guitar skill level. Over the years I have managed to transform hundreds of total beginners into high-level guitarists.