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How to practice barre chords - F MAJOR

How to practice barre chords - F MAJOR

The guitar changed my life! Because of it, I quit my 9-5 job, started teaching and gigging live. Every single day I pick up the instrument to practice and I never get bored. I hope I can share this passion and help your dreams come true too.


Do you like playing barre chords? I don't think so! A lot of people really dislike these chords. They are tricky and almost never sound good when you start learning them.

In this webinar, we will talk about the barre chord F. I will show you some simple exercises that will help you improve your barre chords. It won't be an instant change, but over time, you will see results. I will focus on the F chord to simplify our session and to get the most from this one shape!

Join me this Saturday at 6pm UK time for my free 30 minute webinar!


London - 6pm

New York - 1pm

Los Angeles - 10 am

Auckland - 7am

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Saturday The 15th
at 6 pm London UK

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