How to play Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash

Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash is another cover song that has a life of its own. Originally, this song was recorded by Soundgarden, but Johnny Cash took it to another level.

I really like how he transforms other artist’s songs. Not long ago we discussed another really great cover called Hurt – CLICK HERE. This time his cover is something a little bit different.

The major part of the song is quite repetitive, so you have to refer to the lyrics to really find exactly where you are in the song. It is based around the A5 power chord, with an occasional open 6th string and a small bend on the 3rd fret 6th string. Sometimes, the chord G makes an appearance and that adds a nice break to the song. Again, refer to the lyrics to sync it with your guitar.

What is kind of unusual in this song is the second part, which is not very typical of Johnny Cash. This part is shared between the acoustic and electric guitars and sounds pretty heavy. It’s really an awesome song to work on!

Song structure:
Verse 1: A5 – G
Verse 2 – E5

Verse 1.1 - Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash

Verse 1.2 - Rusty Cage - Johnny CashVerse 1.3 - Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash

Verse 2 - Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash


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