How to play A Horse With No Name by America

I can’t believe it took me this long to do A Horse With No Name by America. It is an awesome song that you can add to your repertoire. Once we simplify the strumming pattern, even a total beginner guitarist will be able to play it.

I have used two sets of chords in this song in order to expand the harmony of the song. The core of the song consists of the chords Em and D6add9/F# and you can play the song by just strumming these two chords alone.

The second set of chords is something that you may add onto the chorus to spice up the sound. The original A Horse With No Name song features multiple guitars playing at the same time, so we need to try and find a balance to be able to play it in our own way.

Song structure:
Verse/Chorus: Em / D6add9/F#
Optional: Em9 / DM7sus2/E


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