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How to change chords faster

How to change chords faster.

The guitar changed my life! Because of it, I quit my 9-5 job, started teaching and gigging live. Every single day I pick up the instrument to practice and I never get bored. I hope I can share this passion and help your dreams come true too.


Join me this Saturday at 6pm London time and I will show you how to improve your chord changes.

If you are a beginner guitarist, you know how difficult it is to change from one chord to another. Learning the chords is relatively easy but making transitions between them can cause some trouble.

In this webinar, we will discuss some simple techniques and exercises that will make your chord changes better and smoother. After this online lesson you will know exactly how and what to practice in order to improve your chord changes.


London - 6pm

New York - 1pm

Los Angeles - 10 am

Auckland - 7am

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Saturday The 4th
at 6 pm London UK

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