How to buy you first acoustic guitar

How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar: Tips for buying your first one

With the abundance of guitars on the market, you might feel its difficult to chose the right instrument, especially if you are a beginner. You may not know what to look for and what to pay attention too.

As explained in the video, guitars come in different body sizes. If the guitar is too big, you may struggle with strumming on the guitar. If the guitar is too small, you may lose the bottom end of the sound. That is quite confusing, isn’t it? I think it is important to find something that feels good, looks good and will inspire you to practice.

Go to a music shop and ask for a few different guitars, so you will have some kind of reference. If you don’t know how to play the guitar, you could ask a friend (if you have one who plays the guitar) or ask a salesperson to demonstrate the sound and features of the guitar for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. Everybody who plays the guitar was at the same stage you are at right now. Nobody was born with these skills.

Another thing to consider is the action of the strings (the distance between the frets and the strings). If the action is too high, you will struggle to play this instrument. If the action is too low, the strings will buzz in a very unpleasant way. So it has to be balanced, not too high and not too low.
The scale of the guitar will determine how the guitar feels. The scale means, the active length of the strings. If the guitar has a shorter scale, the frets will be a little bit closer, but also this instrument will sound a little bit different and will have a little bit of a different feel.

Another cool thing to consider is a preamp with a tuner built into the guitar. With this feature you will be able to plug the guitar into an amp but also tune up the guitar. That means that, as long as your batteries are alive, you don’t need to carry a guitar tuner with you 🙂

If you decide to buy a guitar, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or some extra items for free. Most music shops will give you some discount or some accessories (guitar picks, a gig bag,…) for free. It is always nice to get something extra 🙂

Have fun buying the instrument and share your story with me.

A few examples of potential guitars you could buy:

  • Yamaha F310 – good, cheap guitar, the body is quite big though
  • Takamine GN15CE  – very comfortable neck, great sounding guitar
  • Washburn HF11SCE – smaller bodied guitar, cool sound
  • Epiphone Dr-500 – good sound, great value for the price
  • Martin LX1E ‘Little Martin’- small body, really cute guitar


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