How good should you be on the guitar by now?

This is my favourite one! A lot of my students say the same phrase -“I should be” … For some reason, those three words are extremely popular amongst guitarists 🙂 “I should be much better by now”, “I should know this”, “I should be able to play this song because …”

As Tony Robbins once said, people should all over themselves with unrealistic expectations. The ‘should’ word is a magic pill that helps explain everything. I have done this in the past, are you guilty of it?

So the question is – How good should you be on the guitar by now? How do you know how good you should be? If you are a beginner guitarist you may not have enough knowledge to judge how good you should be on the guitar by now. You simply don’t know what you don’t know! Many times, it is a result of comparing ourselves to others.

Maybe you have a friend that started to play the guitar at the same time as you did and he is now “much better” than you. But should you be concerned? We all learn in different ways, we are all unique and because of that, the world is diverse and amazing… Certain things come easier for some of us and for some, things are much more difficult.

I have seen countless numbers of examples of guitarists for whom the initial struggle turned into total success. How come you may ask? It is learned stubbornness and persistence. Since things are not so easy from the very beginning, they learned that the only way to get better is by being persistent. As simple as this sounds, you will be as good as you want to be on the guitar, but you need to keep going. You can’t be discouraged by slow results. When you picked up the guitar for the first time you didn’t think about how long it would take to learn a particular chord progression or strumming, you just wanted to play the guitar.

Don’t worry about your progress, pick up the guitar every day, have fun with it and simply love what you do. It doesn’t matter if you are slow or quick. Just enjoy the music and the results that you want will always follow.


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