How can I stay motivated to practice the guitar?

How can I stay motivated to practice the guitar?

One day we are full-on and motivated to practice the guitar, the next we are completely flat and don’t even want to look towards it. Why does this happen to us? Self-motivation is difficult. I guess you have to ask yourself why you want to play and practice the guitar in the first place?

Is it because you love the look of the guitar or is it because you want to play your favourite tunes? Or maybe because you think it is easier to find a girlfriend or boyfriend (this one is funny because a lot of relationships are not very guitar friendly, Eg. After a while you may hear “honey put aside that noisy box and help me wash the dishes” or “Can you please stop making so much noise, I’m trying to watch tv).

We all have different reasons. For me, it is all about my love for music and weirdly enough about practising. I love practising the guitar 🙂 I do it every single day, its the first thing I do in the morning, together with my coffee. When I was working in my 9 to 5 job, I used to get up at 5 am to practice the guitar. It was my mental reset before starting work. Nothing else mattered at that moment. I had my headphones on (I used to live with flatmates) and it was all about the music.

Funnily enough, since I started to teach professionally, I do struggle to find the same initial passion and drive inside of me. I guess since I am surrounded by music all the time, I am kind of getting numb to it. I’m constantly searching for that same spark, but it is difficult to find it. I had to create new goals – the goals that are in line with my current mindset. I would say this, our reasons for practising and playing the guitar change all of the time.

Make sure you update and level up your goals and expectations and don’t be self destructive. Don’t challenge yourself with crazy un-achievable goals. This stuff kills or passion for practising the guitar. Set up realistic goals, i.e. I want to improve the changes between two chords within the next 2 weeks (not next 10 minutes), or I want to learn this song in the next two weeks. If you are struggling to achieve this goal then just adjust it, look from the perspective of what you have achieved by working towards it. Sometimes achieving our goal is not the most important thing, it is the journey that shapes us. What did you learn by working on a particular song or chord transition?

Find inside of you what you like about the guitar. Why did you want to start learning or playing? And keep it in your mind every time you pick up the guitar. Reasons come first, answers come later.


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