Guitar lessons that fit around your lifestyle

Guitar Lessons Reading Caversahm Berkshire

From absolute beginner to pro level acoustic and electric guitar lessons


  • 1 to 1 Guitar Lessons For All Levels

    My 1 to 1 guitar lessons in Reading Berkshire are suitable for all guitarists, at any level. I am equally as experienced in teaching complete beginner guitarists who have never played the guitar before as well as highly skilled performing artists who are looking for transformation.

  • More Than Just Guitar Lessons

    Learning the guitar is just part of a process, staying motivated over a long period of time, requires skills at a whole new level. It is not just about talking or motivating you to practice, I will share real tools that will change the way you learn and help you stay on track with your goals.

  • Complete Learning System

    I will teach you very cool and effective techniques that will change the way you approach playing the guitar. The lessons are structured and will help you bring your guitar skills to the next level.

  • Fully Equipped Teaching Studio

    Lessons take place in my home studio, which has been designed as an inspiring place to learn and master the guitar. You can test different guitars, amps, pedals and record your first demo. I use the latest technology which makes lessons really fun!

  • Relaxed Teaching Style

    My teaching style is different. I focus on you, your goals and I design lessons that fit around you and your lifestyle. I know that you don’t have the time to practicer for hours, so I will teach you how to get the best results in the time you have.

  • Get Amazing Results

    I have been teaching the guitar for over 15 years and playing and performing for much longer. I have taught hundreds of students and have solved many unique problems. You will see results starting from your very first lesson.

  • Any Age Or Profession

    Your age is not important. My youngest student is 10 and my oldest is 75. It is never too late to have fun playing the guitar. Many of my students start guitar lessons around retirement age, because it is a fun and very rewarding hobby. I teach students, doctors, bankers, plumbers, architects, bus drivers, professional singers and musicians … because anyone can have fun playing the guitar.


Unique Teaching Style

Motivating & Fun

High Success Rate

All Levels

30 minute guitar lesson

These are great for children.

Lessons are long enough to keep the child interested and engaged.

1 hour guitar lesson

These are bespoke 1:1 lessons.

Expect great results!

1 hour group lesson (2 students)

These are perfect for studying with your friend.

These are especially helpful if you hope to play in a band or with other people.

Students Testimonials

Guitar Lessons Reading


Beginner Guitar Lessons Reading

  • how to buy and tune up the guitar – you do not have to own a guitar on the first lesson – I will show you what to look for when buying your first guitar
  • basic chords and strumming
  • how to improve transition between the chords
  • how to develop amazing strumming techniques
  • play songs straight away – not half year from now
  • learn what you need in a fun and unique way
  • learn in a professional environment with very a very patient and knowledgeable teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience and hundreds of successful lessons
Guitar lessons in Reading Caversham

Intermediate Guitar Lessons Reading

  • fix your bad habits, break the barriers and move on to the next level
  • basic soloing techniques – vibrato, bending
  • all 5 positions of pentatonic scales and how to use them confidently in soloing
  • learn how to create perfect practice schedule
  • how to be creative – easy songwriting techniques
  • 7th chords and jazz techniques
  • chord inversions
  • more complex songs using barre chords
  • recording sessions and live performance tips
  • how to perform confidently on jam sessions and open mics
Guitar lessons in Reading Berkshire

Advanced Guitar Lessons Reading

  • modes and chord progression
  • 3 note per string speed scales
  • tapping and legato techniques
  • sweep picking
  • ornamentation in soloing
  • advanced use of the chords
  • advanced fretboard knowledge
  • advanced song analysis
  • advanced music theory and most importantly the application of it and why do you need it
Guitar lessons in Reading Berkshire RG4
How to find me?

Guitar lessons take place in Caversham RG4 5BF, Reading Berkshire. There is free parking, easy access and its just a 20 minute walk from Reading mainline train station.

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