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Group Guitar Lessons

Group guitar lessons in Clapham Junction are perfect for people looking for a social way of learning the guitar. They are equally beneficial for total beginners who have never held the guitar in their hands and seasoned guitar players looking for experience expressing themselves in front of others.

These lessons emulate real-world scenarios where you need to play in front of others. As such, they are great for building confidence and preparing you to build your confidence so that you can pick up the guitar and play your favourite songs confidently.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Guitar Lessons?

Guitar Lessons That Fit Around Your Lifestyle

Unique Teaching Style - Motivating & Fun - High Success Rate - All Levels

One Hour Group Guitar Lessons

Just as my one to one lessons these group classes in Clapham Junction follow similar - music first - approach. This is completely different from how typical students learn the guitar and will give you faster and better results.

Join A Group Or Study With Friends

Whether you've already got a group of friends that you want to study with or you are looking to join a group then these lessons can accommodate your needs.

All Skill Levels

These group classes are equally beneficial for absolute beginners as well as experienced guitarists looking to imporvise in group situations. The way I teach allows for different skill levels to play together.

Ongoing Classes Or 5 Week Short Courses

You can choose to do a short total beginner five week course or commit to long term, ongoigng small group classes in Clapham Junction.

Small Group Classes

The most beenficial size of groups consist of up to six students. That allows an appropriate focus for each student on teh lesson.

Any Age

Younger guitar players can benefit from age appropriate after school group guitar lessons in Clapham Junction. There is no age limit for adult group guitar lessons. The great thing about learning together is that everyoen can brign their own experiences to the social vibe.

One Hour Group Lesson

Group Guitar Lessons In Clapham Junction
£ 30
  • A Social Way Of Learning The Guitar
  • Make friends, play music and get confident playing with other musicians
  • A perfect way to unwind after a busy day

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