How to practice when you do not have time to practice?

One of the most asked questions that bothers beginner guitarists, is how to practice. You have heard stories about musicians practicing for hours every ...
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Did you know that a lot of successful people play an instrument?

You can look at this from two perspectives. One is that as a successful person, you will get an extra creative edge if you play an instrument ...
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Beginner Guitar Course – Level 4

We will start this module with the fingerpicking technique. I have waited with this for a long time, because I wanted you to have some experience with ...
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How good should you be on the guitar by now?

This is my favourite one! A lot of my students say the same phrase -"I should be" … For some reason, those three words are extremely popular amongst ...
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How to play Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash

Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash is another cover song that has a life of its own. Originally, this song was recorded by Soundgarden, but Johnny Cash took it ...
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What is that strange squeaky sound when I slide my fingers on the guitar?

Have you ever noticed that strange squeaky sound coming from your strings when you move your fingers between the chords or when you do slides? Are you ...
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Don’t try to be too perfect

I teach a lot of beginners not only online, but also on one to one guitar lessons. Many of my students have one thing in common; they want to be perfect.
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How to play A Horse With No Name by America

I can’t believe it took me this long to do A Horse With No Name by America. It is an awesome song that you can add to your repertoire. Once we simplify ...
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Why am I forgetting the rhythm and strumming pattern?

Have you ever noticed that it is relatively easy to learn the guitar chords for a song, but it is quite tricky to remember the rhythm and strumming pattern?
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A four note A minor pentatonic guitar lick

Another short A minor pentatonic guitar lick. I like to connect all of these short guitar licks into long phrases. That way, you can build a solid ...
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