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Don’t try to be too perfect

I teach a lot of beginners not only online, but also on one to one guitar lessons. Many of my students have one thing in common; they want to be perfect.
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How to play A Horse With No Name by America

I can’t believe it took me this long to do A Horse With No Name by America. It is an awesome song that you can add to your repertoire. Once we simplify ...
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Why am I forgetting the rhythm and strumming pattern?

Have you ever noticed that it is relatively easy to learn the guitar chords for a song, but it is quite tricky to remember the rhythm and strumming pattern?
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A four note A minor pentatonic guitar lick

Another short A minor pentatonic guitar lick. I like to connect all of these short guitar licks into long phrases. That way, you can build a solid ...
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Strumming Secrets – The Mechanics

In this module, we will cover the mechanics of strumming. I will try to answer all of the questions you might have when it comes to your strumming hand.
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How long does it take to learn the guitar?

Quora and online guitar forums are full of questions like this. How long does it take to learn the guitar? Can you learn it in 24 hours or one week?
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Lead Guitar – Beginner 1

This module opens up a new series of lessons which are dedicated to lead guitar and improvisation. It will lay a solid foundation that will help you ...
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How to play Melissa by The Allman Brothers Band

Melissa by Allman Brothers Band is fun to learn and play on the guitar. The chord melody makes it a great song to learn as it is easily recognisable.
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3 Ways To Fit The Guitar Around Your Lifestyle

It is not alway that easy to fit learning how to play guitar around your busy lifestyle. Long working hours and a busy life make it quite tricky to practice ...
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How To Play For What It’s Worth By Buffalo Springfield

In this lesson we will learn how to play For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. If you are a beginner guitarist, then this is the song for you.
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