Foundation Guitar Course – Level 1

If you are new to the guitar, you probably know very little about it. In this course we will lay some solid foundations on which you can build upon.

Absolute Beginner Level
12 lessons
57 minutes of video lessons

We will discus what the guitar is, how to sit with it, how to tune it up and much more. Don’t forget to take the quiz – it will test your knowledge of the principles taught in this module. This course is aligned with the Foundation Forum, where you can ask all your questions.

Do you have any suggestions or topics you think will be great to add to this course – please let me know. The GuitarCouch Academy is constantly growing based on your input and suggestions.

This is a highly recommended course if you are an absolute beginner.


Module 1Foundation Guitar Course - Level 1 
Unit 1The parts of the acoustic guitar
Unit 2The parts of the electric guitar
Unit 3AV PRESENTATION - Get to know the parts of your guitar
Unit 4QUIZ – Get to know the parts of your guitar
Unit 5Acoustic or electric?
Unit 6How to sit with the guitar
Unit 7How to hold and use a guitar pick
Unit 8Names and numbers of the guitar strings
Unit 9AV PRESENTATION – How to memorise guitar string names
Unit 10QUIZ – Names of the guitar strings
Unit 11Guitar tuner – learn how to tune a guitar
Unit 12Guitar tuning reference tones

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