Did you know that a lot of successful people play an instrument?

You can look at this from two perspectives. One is that as a successful person, you will get an extra creative edge if you play an instrument (for example the guitar). It acts as a tool to relax you after a heavy day at work and enhance the creative part of you, which leads to bigger professional success.

The other way of looking at this interesting link between success and playing an instrument is that by playing the instrument; maybe you have more chance of success because you use the same tools that high achievers use.

People who study music, develop the following skills: patience, creativity, pattern connection and perseverance … Can you see that these skills project into our every day lives? By practicing these qualities every day, you will not only become a better guitarist but also a more successful person. By successful, I don’t necessarily mean huge success and mega bucks, it could be success at your own level.

Did you know that Google’s CEO Larry Page played saxophone and studied music composition? He says that being a musician was integral to Google’s success. Also the CEO of Microsoft, Paul Allen is an avid guitar player and in 2013 released an album with his band The Underthinkers called “Everywhere At Once”. Even Albert Einstein played classical music as a brainstorming technique. He could play the violin and the piano. He would play a little bit of music in between his study and work on revolutionary theories.

I think there is a strong connection between playing an instrument and success! So if you are still thinking about learning the guitar, start today – Online Guitar Lessons.

If you are already playing the guitar, you can be proud that you belong to that elite group. Use music to enhance your creativity, and enrich your potential.


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