mysterious guitar chord Am(add9)

Am(add9) – mysterious guitar chord

The guitar chord described in this online lesson is one of those really cool sounding ones. I like to think about it as a kind of mysterious sounding chord.

Open B7 chord – The triangle concept

The B7 open chord is a little bit of a crazy one. It can be quite a difficult chord to learn, mainly because it demands the use of all four fingers …

A minor pentatonic scales shape 1

A minor pentatonic scale – shape 1

The pentatonic scale is very popular amongst guitarists, especially the first shape. The position of it makes both the lower and higher notes …

Video chords library

Open Minor and Major chords – Video chords library

A collection of common open minor and major chords in video format. A great tool for beginners. If you are new to the guitar, pay attention to your…


Open Dominant 7th Chords

Another important group of chords. Dominant 7th chords are great transitional chords. Try to play chord G then G7 and then finish on C. Can you hear …


Open Minor and Major chords

A collection of the most common open chords. A must for any aspiring guitarist. One tip for you is to try to memorize the names, not only the shapes…