Can I learn how to play the guitar if I have a physical disability?

A lot of people dream about playing the guitar but for some reason, they feel as though it is out of their reach. Accidents can damage or deform our hands, but the question is – can I still learn the guitar?

In my opinion – yes. Playing the guitar might be the perfect therapeutic activity you actually need. Consider that by not playing the instrument, you could potentially rob yourself of a faster recovery.

But what about these complex looking chords, you might ask? The good news is, that you can always tweak the chords – the common shapes that you see when people play the guitar can be adopted and simplified to allow people with disabilities to play the guitar. After such tweaking the songs may lose a little bit of the original spark, but who cares! If it sounds good to you, then it is great.

Playing the guitar is a very individual thing. It may look like we all play in a very similar way, but that is very far from the truth. Guitarists personalise their playing style, use customised chord shapes and so on. Back in the 60s and, 70s most of the guitarists only used 3 fingers to play the guitar. So if you are missing one of your fingers you will still be fine to play.

Check Django Reinhardt – after the accident he was left with only two fingers and played the stuff that people with all of their fingers would never be able to recreate. How awesome is that?

So yes! Probably you will also learn how to play the guitar. Don’t give up because you think it is impossible! Share some thoughts with me, let me know what you think


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