An easy way to memorise the names of the guitar strings

An easy way to memorise the names of the guitar strings

Why would you memorise the names and the numbers of the guitar strings?  It will help you with tuning up the guitar – the letters and numbers wont look like a secret code when you use your tuner. Also, it will help you to learn new chords because usually, we refer to the string names or numbers when we describe fingers position.

The guitar has 6 strings, looking down from the guitar players perspective, you will see the thickest string first. This is not a number 1 – it is string number 6. Unfortunately, it is a little bit awkward here. So remember the thickest string is number 6! Then the next one will be 5 and so on. The thinnest string is string number 1. (think about it in this way – the thinnest string is much slimmer than the thickest one so it has a smaller number).

Each of the strings has its own name. That is because each of the strings creates a certain pitch (sound) that you can name (and for example also find on the piano). So the 6th string is called E, the 5th one is A .

Here is the full list of the strings numbers and names:

  • 6t – E
  • 5th – A
  • 4th – D
  • 3rd – G
  • 2nd – B
  • 1st – E

Did you notice that we have two strings with the same name? The 6th and the 1st string have the same name – because they generate the same sound just in different octaves (one sound higher than the other one, but it is the same kind of sound).

How would you memorise the names of the strings?  The simplest way would be to repeat them over and over – EADGBE … EADGBE … eventually, you will memorise it 🙂

You can also assign the following words to each of the letters that represent one string :

  • Elephants
  • And
  • Donkeys
  • Grow
  • Big
  • Ears
  • Every
  • Amateur
  • Does
  • Get
  • Better
  • Eventually

Although it may be a little bit tricky to memorise the names of the strings right now, you will get very, very good with it very soon. Just keep repeating the names daily and in no time you will remember everything!


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