I started to play the guitar at the age of 18, many would say that that’s too late… I had such a hunger to learn to play the guitar. I jammed with my older friends (many times they made me feel inferior and made fun of me, simply because I could not play at their level). I rehearsed in places you could never imagine possible – lofts, industrial buildings, factory changing rooms ….. those times were crazy.

One thing that really made me who I am today was persistence. I practiced and played the guitar every day – because I loved it. For me, it was like a morning coffee – a necessity. It just felt so good (and still does coupled with my morning coffee). I also noticed that as a musician, I was getting better – the jams were more fun and people were really surprised with my results and so I started to play live gigs.

My first performance was in a place that was so full of cigarette smoke that I could barely see past the end of the stage to the people – I guess because we could not see anybody, it gave us the confidence to play better – stage fright 🙂 I loved it. Over the years, I played in a lot of bands, starting with metal music through to blues, pop and finishing with electronic music.

Today music is 100% of what I do, I teach, play live gigs and do recording sessions.

I have always wanted to give something back to people. I had this idea a few years ago about building a website for guitarists. I wanted to create something for you, that years ago, I would have found extremely useful and inspirational.

Let me tell you the story behind the name of my website – www.guitarcouch.com. When I was starting up, I searched for website names and thought that coach and guitar went well together. So I checked the domain availability and to my surprise, it was still available! It wasn’t until 5 minutes after I had purchased the domain, that I realised that the name I bought was guitarcouch not guitarcoach. I was devastated 🙂  I thought to myself  “what a waste, I just bought a completely useless name!”

On the same evening, my friend popped in and I told her the story. Her reaction was amazing, she said “what a wonderful mistake!” She explained to me that she thought it was much closer to my philosophy of playing anywhere, anytime for 15 minutes a day and she listed all of the benefits of having the name guitar couch. So we extended my philosophy behind teaching the guitar to guitar couch and added that practicing the guitar from the couch at home is usually where we do most of our playing anyway. We sit on the couch and practice, play and have some fun. I hope you like the name and I hope you will find this place a source of knowledge, inspiration and fun.