A Minor Pentatonic Masterclass – Shape 1

Pentatonic scales are extremely popular amongst guitarists. A simple two-note layout makes them quite easy to remember and use. In this course we will focus on shape no.1

Beginner/Intermediate Level
41 lessons
122 minutes of video lessons

This course is huge and it covers a lot. If you have never played scales before, once you finish this course you will not only know how to play this shape, but you will know how to apply this to your music, or the music you play.

Think about it as a primer for learning the scales. We will talk about what scales are, why we need them and how we can make them “user-friendly”. I did not want to create ‘just another course’ – my goal was to create something special for you – an easy to understand course that has an extremely practical approach. Why would you want to learn something if you don’t know how to use it?

We will target this shape from different angles, by doing different exercises, moving it to different keys, doing scale sequences, learning guitar licks and finally putting it all together by performing 2 guitar solos. (Written by me, especially for this course).

It is the first module in the series of the pentatonic scales. I hope you will enjoy it a lot!

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Module 1Pentatonic masterclass - Lessons
Unit 1Overview
Unit 2What are scales and why do we need them?
Unit 3What is a Key in Music?
Unit 4Assigning fingers to the frets
Unit 5QUIZ - Which finger is assigned to which fret?
Unit 6How to play A minor pentatonic scale - 2 note layout
Unit 7Thumb position and finger stretching
Unit 8Alternate picking
Unit 9How to perform the notes in a clean way
Unit 10How to play the A minor pentatonic scale - pt.2
Unit 11The root note and moving the shape to different positions
Unit 12One finger challenge
Unit 13Octaves and the five notes of the pentatonic scale
Unit 14One string pentatonic scale
Unit 15What to do next?
Module 2Pentatonic masterclass - Scale sequences
Unit 1Exercise 1
Unit 2Exercise 2
Unit 3Exercise 3
Unit 4Exercise 4
Unit 5Exercise 5
Unit 6Exercise 6
Module 3Pentatonic masterclass - Metronome exercises
Unit 12 string picking exercise
Unit 22 string circular patterns
Unit 3A minor pentatonic - double picking
Unit 4A minor pentatonic - down and up
Unit 5Pentatonic scale in different keys
Unit 6Am and A#m challenge
Module 4Pentatonic masterclass - Solos and licks - aplication
Unit 1Solo 1 - Introduction
Unit 2Solo 1 breakdown - pt.1
Unit 3Solo 1 breakdown - pt.2
Unit 4Solo 1 breakdown - pt.3
Unit 5Solo 1 breakdown - pt.4
Unit 6The concept of breathing in the soloing
Unit 7Solo 2 - introduction
Unit 8Solo 2 breakdown - pt.1
Unit 9Solo 2 breakdown - pt.2
Unit 10Solo 2 breakdown - pt.3
Unit 11Solo 2 breakdown - pt.4
Unit 12Solo 2 breakdown - pt.5
Unit 13Solo 2 breakdown - pt.6
Unit 14Double stops and some final thoughts
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