3 Ways To Fit The Guitar Around Your Lifestyle

3 Ways To Fit The Guitar Around Your Lifestyle

It is not always that easy to fit learning how to play guitar around your busy lifestyle. Long working hours and a busy life make it quite tricky to practice regularly. On the other hand, if we don’t practice we don’t get any results, which is a cruel truth. Let’s try to find out what these 3 ways that we could fit the guitar into our lives could be.

Before we discuss these 3 ways to fit the guitar around your lifestyle, its a good idea to remember that even 5 minutes of playing the guitar is better than nothing. A lot of guitarists don’t see any value in playing for 5 minutes, but in my eyes it is still better than nothing and at least you will remember how your guitar looks!

Keeping your guitar visible and out of the case is an excellent way to remind you that you actually play the guitar. Once you notice the guitar in the corner of your eye, you can always pick it up for a few minutes.

Remember to make it fun and social. Play for your friends, don’t be embarrassed! If your friends don’t know how to play the guitar even strumming 3 simple chords will make you a guitar god in their eyes and think about how enjoyable you find it listening to someone play the guitar.

So what are 3 ways to fit the guitar around your lifestyle?

  • Play in front of the TV.
    I have written an article about this subject, so if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can check it out HERE. Playing the guitar for just 10 minutes when you sit down in front of the TV is a really cool way of finding extra time to play the guitar. You can do silent chord change exercises or practice simple strumming patterns and work on your tremolo picking (tremolo picking is a way of picking very fast). I teach similar things to my online Academy Guitar Members, CLICK HERE if you are interested in finding out a little bit more.
  • Split your sessions.
    Try to practice for 5 minutes before you go to work and again after you come back. I used this technique for years (actually I practiced for 2 hours before and after work). This method really works and will give you truly awesome results. You can practice chord changes in the morning and strumming (playing songs) in the afternoon. It is also a cool way to trick your mind. Since you picked up the guitar in the morning, it will be much easier to practice in the afternoon, as it will feel like half of the work has already been done!
  • Take your guitar to work
    How about some lunchtime practice? It may sound a little bit crazy, but you could keep your guitar at work. Many of you have a 30 minute or an hour long lunch break. Why don’t you use it to play a few chords and or entertain your colleagues. I have quite a few students who practice that way and they really love it. BONUS POINT – you will also probably become very popular in your office!

We all love the guitar, but we don’t always feel like practicing. I hope these 3 ways to fit the guitar around your busy lifestyle will help you practice some more.

Have a great practice routine today!